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Christmas Trees

Scotch Pine
Scoth Pine_edited.jpg

One of the most popular Christmas trees. The branches are stiff with  1 inch long, bright green needles that hold for weeks. They don't drop off the tree, even when they dry out. As a bonus, Scotch Pine has a nice, lasting aroma

Austrian Pine
Austrian Pine.PNG

Dark green needles, 4 to 6 inches long; retains needles well. Moderate fragrance and is native to Austria, northern Italy and southern Mediterranean Europe from Spain to the eastern Mediterranean. It was introduced to the United States in 1759. Historians suggest that it may have been one of the original Christmas trees, as it was worshipped by the Romans over 2000 years ago.

White Pine
White pine.PNG

White pines look full and fluffy. Their light green needles appear inviting to touch. Don't be surprised if children and adults alike reach out to pet these trees. While some prefer the soft fullness of white pines to other types of trees, the long, bendy needles might not let you decorate them the way you want. For example, they are not conducive to supporting heavy ornaments.

Virginia Pine
Virginia Pine.PNG

It's also known as a scrub pine due to its untidy appearance and scraggly growth, however when given great care and trimming it stands out as the perfect tree that has now become the model for the fake tree industry.

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